Thursday, March 3, 2011

A great surprise for me

My mom has finally come to the point in her life that she has to give up her home and move on to the next chapter of her life. As we were cleaning out her house I came across school readers that she had when she was a little girl in school. I remember a long time back going to an Art Gallery with her and she found replicas of her readers and purchased the set. I had totally forgotten about them and was delighted to stumble across them as we packed things up to move her. What a precious treasure to behold. I am now the proud owner of this set and am in awe of having the privilege to house them in my own home. They are soft-covered, coloured red, and the font is in cursive writing. The illustrations are outlined and no colour appears anywhere in the books. I want to encourage you to be a finder and keeper of old, treasured books that mean a lot to you and your family. If you had a favourite book as a child be sure to include that as a reading to your child in his/her process of learning. Not only will your child find out your book desires but you can be sure that when you read it aloud a special intonation will be evident in your delivery of the words because of your love for that book. We must preserve our heritage of books and pass them along to the next generation. Can you imagine if every generation passed 10 of the best books of their life from their collection on to their kids when they passed? What would your family's book history look like? Think about it and start your collection today. Read on.
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