Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A fabulous book for you to enjoy....spring is on it's way

Book review for : Emily the Chickadee
Emily Waits for Her Family
author: Carol Zelaya
(a true story)

First of all let me tell you what I highlighted to be very special about this little book. The fact that the book size was little made it seem precious to me, something to treasure. It was easy to handle and read and perfect to tuck away in a purse, suitcase or backpack or to take with you on a trip. I loved the inserted name plate in the front. To inscribe a book with giver's and receiver's name and add the date that it was given makes the book a valued gift. It gives owership to both the book and the story.
The little bird lead-in to the story makes you feel, as you follow those little footprints, that a good story is about to be told and you are invited to be part of it. The Chickadee log at the end is both a parent's and teacher's dream as you can research Emily's species or substitute another type of bird that might come and visit your own backyard. It takes the reader out of the book and into nature where the author wants you to be. It is a tool to awaken you to what you can observe in your world. The fact that the story was true adds a sense of awe and wonderment for the reader to participate in.

Rhyme is always one of my favourite ways to present a story. Text is easier to remember and language flows when caught up in a good rhyme. I found the bond between the little nameless girl (which was brillliant because she can be any girl from any place), and Emily very touching. Emily shows courage and skill as an independent thinker. She decides to build her nest in the flower box instead of the traditional tree and she actually choses to befriend the little girl. The mutual love and trust that ensued is heartwarming indeed. Emily proves to be an excellent and caring mother. The cirlce of love widens as Emily, her three babies and the little girl spend happy times together just hanging out r and enjoying each other's company.

The illustrations capture the beauty and splendor of the flowers blooming vibrantly in the gardens. The lushness of spring is interwoven into each page and the pleasure that nature brings is depicted on the faces of both the little girl and Emily. I especially liked the expressions on the baby birds faces when they were first hatched.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am happy that there are sequels in this series. This little book from the heart is top quality.
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