Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Highlight a good book today

While your child is out at school today (or napping if they are still home with you) find a fun, good picture book and wrap it up with a bow. Hide the book somewhere in the house and continue on as normal. Sometime during the day when your child has done something positive or some random act of kindness let them go hunting for the reward for their good deed. Try using books as a reward rather than stickers or candy. When your child is successful with the book hunt BOTH of you sit down and enjoy the book together. Your child gets a gift of : a treasure hunt, someone to encourage them in their game, someone to cuddle with them to read and most of all your precious gift of time with them. Everyone is a winner in this game. Be proactive with your books and read at unexpected times with your child not only at bedtime. Read on.
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