Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow is melting...weekend is coming....oh boy

Just came in from outside and saw my tulips peeking up through the snow and water trickling down the hill. The sights and sounds of spring are everywhere around us. Just open your eyes in the morning and listen.....birds chirping happily outside your window. If you take your child for a walk you can feel spring. Water on the feet, pussy willows to stroke if you are lucky enough to find a bush of them, the warmer breeze on your face, all signify a brand new season. These are all signs that spring has arrived and that old winter has passed away. Can we taste spring? Well of course we can. On those warmer days zip into a store or restaurant that serves up ice cream and lick your way into the new season. If you make cupcakes together apply pinks, soft blues, minty greens, pastel frosting of multi-colours with lots of rainbow coloured sprinkles. Always make your child aware of changes...whether is is "weather" changes or growing changing (measurements against the door to document growth for the years), new wardrobe necessities as the spring/summer pants climb higher up the legs. Make a point of awakening the senses in your child. Take them into your yard and garden and be a detective as you explore and discover spring in the outdoors. It is not only good for their environmental awareness but can become a game to "spot the signs" that are all around us. Go for a spring walk with an extra "spring" in your step carrying a camera to imprint those memeories. You can document those changes on paper and post them on the fridge. Spring means new beginning....hope...freshness. Bring that freshness into your child's life as you look around and see where and what God has planted. Read on.
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