Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain, rain go away

This is the perfect "poetry day". While you are gathered indoors try to think of as many poems and actions that you can. Dig out old poems and poetry and read them together. Skip, laugh, recite and repeat the words of rhyme. If you have an old skipping rope hanging around try to teach your kids some skipping songs as they exercise. Make it a rhyming day. If your child says a word answer him/her back with three or four words that rhyme. For example, if your child says,"Let
s go for a ride in the car." You can say car rhymes with ,"far, tar, star." If your child says, "i need a nap." Answer with nap rhymes with, "sap, rap, tap." Make it a game day using words. Have fun and spread the word. Read on.
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