Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shift- new book review for you

Title: Shift
Reviewer: Marilyn Panton

Just finished Takumi Yamazaki’s book “Shift.” I want to take a moment to praise the jacket cover. The colors chosen, artistic design and creativity is brilliant. Many times the very jacket covers that pull people into the read are overlooked, so I want to applaud their magnificent contribution. I am very impressed and think that cover is worthy of framing.
Having said that, on to the book itself. According to the book itself the book is a guide that “takes knowledge and inspiration from motivation specialists and distills it into something easy to understand. “ The author has documented thirteen exercises and seventeen techniques that empower you to become the person that you want to be. The exercises are set up so that you can share with others to discover, explore and expand your pathway in life or go solo if you prefer. I personally like the fact that others are involved in the process because as we gather together we inspire and encourage each other on our pilgrimage. The writer inspires us to follow our heart, focus on our vision and it will come to pass. He lays the book out in a very simple, but powerful format including illustrations to enhance his points. He encourages us to dream the impossible dream and then gives us steps to keep that dream going, bring it back if it has faded, or to aspire to break out of our confinements and make our dream a reality.
Takumi Yamazaki is a best selling author in Japan and has had much success with art and music. He is a self-made millionaire so he, by example, has dreamed, written about, and succeeded with his life goals. He now travels the world giving motivational seminars asking others to “shake up their life,” to “shift gears” and make their own dreams a reality. You have one life to live so be a life-shifter.
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