Friday, March 25, 2011

What are you reading?

Let me know what books you are reading to your child that he/she loves. It is nice to be in a shared space where we can tell each other the most recent and beloved books that we have obtained. Books are to be shared, talked about and most of all tucked into our minds and hearts for oral storytelling at any time. Sometimes the stories that are unwritten, that are deep in our souls make the best display of love and sharing there is. Try when you tuck your little one into bed tonight to make up a story. Use your child as the main character and have her participate in the plot and climax. You begin the story, add a setting, list of characters and then showcase the plot. You will be off and running. These are the stories that will live on forever. Who wouldn't want to be the star of the book? Who wouldn't want their family and friends along with them on the adventure of their life? Who wouldn't want to be the hero and save the day? Let your imagination explode as the tale unfolds. You then can write the story out together the next day and illustrate your masterpiece. Read on.
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