Friday, April 15, 2011

Get the weekend newspaper?

The newspaper is a great reading tool. It literally has something for everyone inside. Maybe you should think of subscribing just for weekends or when you are out and about pick one up. You can share so much out it. There are editorials, world news, weather, sports, want ads, obituaries, comics, puzzles etc. etc. etc. If your child is a sports enthusiast...hand him/her the sports section. If he loves to laugh and look at pictures...hand him the comic section (comics are like graphic novels which we will get into soon). If you are reading something interesting that pertains to your family values or the article out loud and discuss it with the family. Everyone says that newspapers will become obsolete on day but we can be part of their staying around. It is just not the same thing to gather your family around the news at 6:00 on t.v or pull your chairs around your computer to have newsworthy discussions. There is something intimate and just plain right about gathering everyone around a book or newspaper to share with each oher. THe close face-to-face interaction is unparalleled. OMG they even have a t.v. guide or movie guide in the paper so those electronic junkies can get their fix too. But seriously, have fun reading this weekend and read on.
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