Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a great book to have....

Was just visiting my daughter yesterday and her little one year old son Callum. Jena is an avid reader and has been since she was a little girl. As she was growing up she kept her own library of childhood "favourites" and was always searching for her next good book. When she got married and moved out from under our roof I asked her if she had everything packed and ready to go. She said, "You bet mom, and I have my special chest full of "my" books to take with me so I can read and share them with my kids if I ever have any." Here she is six years later doing just that. I am so glad I instilled in her that love of reading a "good book." She read to her little guy from the womb and he adores reading time. She always has a book in the diaper bag or thrown in the wagon in case she gets an opportunity to read to him. When I go over to visit she hands me a new book that she has "found" to read to Callum and shares it with me. It is so fun to having a reading family. I see that legacy of the importance of reading being passed on to the next generation in our family and that is so good and right. Both my girls read great books, pass them on to me and we talk and discuss with each other. Now my boys? ...well that is a whole other experience. I will talk about my boys tomorrow. Read on.
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