Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hide n' Seek

Want a fun game to play indoors when the weather is terrible outside? Get ten or more blank cards to write words on. Take a marker and write words that are meaningful to your child (mother, father, a pet's name, grandma, your street name etc.) in large bold print on each of those cards. When your child is not looking go around the house and hide the cards in different places. When you need a little excitement and fun in your day give your child a cute little birthday bag, a box, or any container and have your child go around your home and sniff out those words. When they have all been collected sit down and read through the words together. Remember if your child does not know the word just tell them and don't run any tests. Have your child place the words on the fridge or a bulletin board to read to dad when he arrives home. This game can also be played in the dark. Hide the words, give your child a flashlight and off they go. Any way you play it it is fun, educational and a great way to engage with each other. Read on.
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