Friday, July 29, 2011

long weekend,,time to read

This is the beginning of a long weekend here and the weather is supposed to be smashing,lots of time to hang out together as a family and enjoy each other's company. How better to do that than with a good book. Find times this weekend to gather the flock and read fabulous stories together during the bath, before bedtime or out under the stars. Any place is the best place to bond over a good book. Try to find new words to say out loud together, read signs along the road if you are travelling or pack some extra books in the suitcase if you are heading out on a family adventure. Books are engaging, quiet and sure to spark conversations that the whole family can participate in. Never under estimate the power of a book in a child's life. The next book you read to him/her could literally change her life. Become a book gatherer - hunt them down,bring them home, open them up and read. Happy weekend everyone. Read on.
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