Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Donate today...some little child somewhere will be blessed

Books are meant to be read. Books are meant to be shared and passed on if they are not tagged to go onto your "collection" shelf. Today with the help of your kids take a tour of your home and collect those books that perhaps they have outgrown or are collecting dust on shelves and get them moving. You can package the books up and donate them to nursery schools, elementary schools, daycare centers, garage sale, local church, doctor's/dentist's office, Salvation Army, Value Village and the list goes on and on. Many private schools and many charities are looking for gently used books to get into the hands of underprivilged kids.
Get those "dead" books resurrected and back into circulation. Check out the website "Bookcrossings.com". These fantastic people go and just leave great books laying around so others can find them, read them, and pass them on. It is a brilliant idea. Some child somewhere will be so grateful to read your child's retired book. Read on.
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