Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun on the Beach...

At the Beach
Greg Pincus

Tide pools. Shell walks. Drippy sand.
White capped breakers hitting land.
Body surfing. Miles to walk.
Joining in as seabirds talk.
Cooling breeze. Bright warm sun.
Nothing here that must be done.
Toys and tech inside, ignored.
On the beach I'm never bored.

Take advantage of these summer days. I know in those bags those parents are carrying a stack of good books to read while baking in the warm sun. Every member of the family should have at least one book to indulge in while laying around and drying out on that towel. Go to the beach, have fun and read while you are there. Books are also perfect to read on the road or in a restaurant while you are waiting for your meal to be delivered. Always come prepared....beach yourself and read. Read on.
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