Monday, August 15, 2011

A great summer book for your kids to enjoy

This is a great little book full of brilliant photos that take you on a baby elephant"s adventures in life. You get to go along as baby elephant has a play day, flaps her ears and even rolls in the mud. The book has interactive text and fun facts about baby animals and elephant behaviour while they are in the wild. This would be great to share and then load your kids in the van and zoom off to the zoo to give them an "elephant field trip." Always try to use a book to promote a deeper life experience with your kids. Perhaps give them a camera and have your child document "a day in the life" of your pet if you have one. Develop the pictures, add text and design a photo album of your pet's adventures.

Check out these adorable baby elephants on this website having a blast in their swimming pool. Too cute!

Enjoy your day and read on.
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