Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer walk n' talk

The simple things in life are free. How easy for us to grab a little one's hand and take a stroll to talk about life. The fact that you are together sharing precious moments will imprint on your child's mind for ever. As you walk along ask your child what is on her mind today. Ask him how he is feeling about his summer so far and going back to school (or starting it if he is even smaller.) Discuss your child's fears, anxieties and hopes for the future. Encourage your child with words of comfort and praise. Lift your child up and assure her that you are there for her always. Talking is a form of oral literature. Conversations are critical in human relationships. It is extremely important that you break away from routine and spend quality time one on one. For a child to know that the adult models that surround him are strong and wise is critical to development of the self-esteem and confidence that he will carry into life. It doesn't have to be a long, drawn out event but no matter how much time you invest you will reap benefits that are priceless for your child. Something as simple as, "Let's take a walk" will prove to them that you will be beside them in the journey of life. Talk on. Walk on. Read on. Together.
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