Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday post on Thursday night

Getting a head start on tomorrow's blog. Speaking of head starts that is what you give your child when from the time they are conceived you read to them. It is most important that you fill your little embryo/newborn/toddler/young child/teenager/adult/senior with good reading material. Read to your bunny always. A baby is soothed by his/her mother's voice. Like a little lamb who knows and recognizes the shepherd's voice so a baby will recognize and respond to a mother's voice. The more you read to your little one the smarter he/she will become. As the brain develops you fill it with words, phrases, sentences, stories, rhythms, languages, all wrapped in your love and your child will succeed. Many cases have been documented when children have had severe learning/physical disabilities but because they had parents that were determined to read a number of books daily to them achieved great academic success. The power of the word, both written, spoken, and read is unbelievable. It is never too late to start this process. Make this your life's goal to educate your child through the power of stories. Go ahead. You will enjoy the reading adventure just as much your child. Remember to always read on.

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