Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday of a long weekend

I love long weekends. They are productive, exciting, relaxing, full of hope for that encouraging one more day....what are you up to this weekend? It is quiet here and the weather is stifling hot and humid. Yuk! I am so grateful for air conditioning although I know what it is like not to have that luxury. I just received presents from my husband which consisted of a big pile of books from my "wish list." I always have an ongoing list of "wish books" hanging on my fridge that I intend to buy. Sometimes my family steals that list to fulfill my wishes. I must admit I pick a lot of teen books to read now (geared to young guys) because I have a fifteen year old boy still living at home. I like to be ahead of the curve so if his English teacher says pick a book and give a review I am on it to suggest what he might like and even have the book ready for him. I must admit I like to read them myself. My second daughter, Jena is really into tween/teen/young adult books and loves to pass her books on to me to read so we can discuss them. Anyhow, have a brilliant Saturday and be sure to catch some reading this weekend for yourself and to share with your kids. Read on.
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