Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Late start but fruitful results...

Late getting around my blog today but was doing a "post summer" room clean up or should I say clean out. How does one teenager manage to make his room look like a bomb hit it? The things I found....dustballs the size of hampsters, change on the floor, wires to who know what strewn here and there, and yes, wrappers, old socks and the list goes on and on. This reminded me of a great book I discovered a few years ago called, "Please Clean Up Your Room" by Itah Sadu and illustrated by Roy Condy. It is the perfect example of the experience that I just emerged out of.

Amazon reviewers have this to say about the book:

Praise for Please Clean Up Your Room!: "Itah Sadu tells her stories with energy and humour and a thorough understanding of her audience." - The Toronto Star. "Roy Condy's cartoon-like illustrations complement Sadu's narrative perfectly." - Quill and Quire
Product Description
What will make Christopher clean his room? Christopher is a good kid with one bad habit: he refuses to clean his room. He likes it that way, cheesy socks and all. Even the bugs don't want to stick around. Finally the critters unite! The fish convince the cockroaches to send a message to Christopher: clean up your room! Itah Sadu's wild storytelling voice shines through this hilarious book that will appeal to anyone who has ever had a messy room - or lived with someone who has!

I had nothing to add to these splendid reviews. The illustrations are fantastic and the book's message I am sure timeless. Check it out. It was perfect for me this morning as I dug in and dug out the kid cave upstairs. Read on.
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