Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembering what today is all about

Don't forget to remember today. Gather your family like you would a flock and bow your heads in gratitude. Be grateful for the service and sacrifice of thousands of men and women who fought for our country and to keep our country free. Not only be thankful for those by-gone days but remember and bless those brave men and women in uniform today. Pray for guidance and protection not only for them but for their families also. It is an awesome idea to find ways that you can tangibly bless a modern day armed forced serviceman/woman. Sometimes you can obtain a soldiers address while in combat and begin to write letters to him/her. You can send little care packages to our troops at Christmas time and Christian organizations take donations to buy and distribute bibles to our war-weary heroes. Remember they put their lives on the line daily for us so the very least we can do is remember, pray and bless them. Remember.....never to forget!

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