Thursday, December 8, 2011

A lesson in love at Christmas

This is a love-lesson that my own family learned early on when it came to Christmas and the spirit of giving. Yesterday my oldest daughter and myself went out and bought clothes/gifts/food for a needy family to bless them at this holiday time. What a valuable lesson to teach your children that it is better to give than to receive. The excitement of shopping for others, wrapping beautiful gifts for others and delivering the packages to see the smiling faces is worth much more than any presents you receive for yourself. All year long we collect change in a specially designated jar for this occasion and you would be surprised to see how much money you can accumulate. When we finally tally up the total it is always enough to adopt a family and bring happiness into their lives at Christmas. I always include a book or two for the kids along with chocolates, some age-appropriate toys and a special plant or a single rose for the mom. It is so hard trying to raise kids in this broken economy. These lessons that you teach your kids will last a lifetime and model being a compassion, caring, global citizen. When this is done in a family setting, generating generosity and love there is no price tag that you can attach to it. World Vision, Compassion and local churches are all looking for people to step up and step out to help the less fortunate. Please, please, please look for these opportunities to be a blessing to others as this season unfolds.
Read on and give on.
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