Friday, December 9, 2011

One of my favourite Christmas stories

This book is one of my all-time favourite Christmas picture books. A little mouse named Mortimer has his heart touched by finding out the real meaning of Christmas. Dissatisfied living in a dark hole in the wall, while out scrounging for crumbs and tidbits one day, he spies a little house that is just his size set up beside the Christmas tree. He decides to move out of his dingy, damp hole and move into that little house. He rearranges the statues and the furniture to make his home comfortable only to find the next day it is put back to its original state. One night he hears the story regarding the true meaning of Christmas. Mortimer finds out who actually lives in this house and who sleeps in the little bed that he had claimed for his own. He is moved to tears when he realizes this home belongs to baby Jesus. His heart directs him to give up his new accommodations and he prays that baby Jesus perhaps can find him a new place in which to live. A mouse miracle occurs and his prayer is answered. I loved the delightful illustrations in the book portraying all the emotions of little Mortimer. The pictures are big, colourful, and very realistic. You will love this book and want to include it in your best-of-Christmas collection to read again and again at this special time of year!
Read on! Have a blessed weekend. Be sure to carve out some quiet time to befriend a book!
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