Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Find a cool jar or box from around your home and decorate it for the season. This would be a great activity to work on with your kids. Use stickers, ribbons, bows anything to give it a fun, Christmas flavour. Next find flyers, newspapers, flyers etc.that are delivered to your home and have the kids cut out all the Christmas words that they can find and insert them inside the jar. After dinner have them choose some words from the jar to read out loud to the family. If you want to get really fancy have them do it blindfolded. Vocabulary/spelling lessons to go. Easy-peasy.

Buy some fun Christmas read aloud books and wrap them up with fancy paper, ribbons and bows. Drop them off at a few friends homes. When your friends come to visit over the holiday have them tote one of these great books with them to give to your child as a present. While you are fixing festive refreshments for all have your child unwrap the gift and then sit down and share the story with your friend. Easy-peasy.

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