Friday, February 3, 2012

Fabulous series that you will enjoy

The characters in this series are very endearing and the illustrations push these little books to a whole new level. This book takes you through the main character, Mr. Potter, catching a cold, reminiscing about his childhood sicknesses and imposing those feelings into how his cold now should be treated. Somehow when we get sick we are drawn back to how our mother's tended to us in our misery, the home remedies she prepared and the loving kindness bestowed upon us when we were feeling so ill. Mr. Potter is blessed to have a wonderful neighbour named Mrs. Teaberry. Both she and her dog Zeke take very good care of Mr. Potter at this time. Booklist review sums it up so well: "Besides being wonderful fun, this is a great way to introduce new readers to the chapter-book format."
I have an extra fondness for this series because Mr. Potter has great similarities to my own dear husband in appearance and in his ability to be an amazing cook. Of course Mr. Potter is an elder version of hubbie but nonetheless the idea makes me laugh and enjoy the stories more. Read on and enjoy this series with your little ones.
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