Monday, February 6, 2012

What is important to you

Have you ever just sat quietly with a piece of paper and pen and listed what is important to you? Your list can have many different entries and a variety of different subjects. Life is short, full of distractions and winding roads. It is vital that every so often you just still yourself and reflect on the plan for your life. Your family is vital in the grand scheme of your priorities. Quality time with the kids has to be near the top of your list. Sometimes you feel that your "me" time is almost non-existent but I am here to encourage you that you will get it back. Now is the time you are called to nurture, teach, encourage, love and direct your kids so they can have a successful life and positive memories to carry on to the next generation. One of those things that contributes to a child's success is the time that you sit down and read together. Bonded reading is quality time plus. Cuddled around a good book is an extradordinary experience for both you and your kids. Make reading out loud together something that will be a natural event in your home. Before bedtime is ideal. Reading quiets your mind, brings down your blood pressure, and brings a tranquility to your child that will bring him/her peace to finally lay down and sleep. The benefits of reading cannot be overstated. Reading together creates opportunities to dialogue together, discuss emotional reactions, spark imagination and re-enforce family values. Make bedtime reading a family ritual. Start tonight. Choose a favourite book and wait for the opportunity to open it up together to explore great children's literature. Read on.
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