Friday, March 30, 2012

Last post for this week....thank you very much for checking in

All week I have been highlighting the importance of good manners in children. A well-mannered, polite child will have more success in life than one that does not possess those skills. Here is another book that will help you teach this concept to your child. The illustrations are soft and expressive. The message is loud and clear.

Little Hamster's friends won't let him join in any of their games. His temper always gets the better of him and, as Ducky and Piggy tell him, "Hitting hurts!" This gentle story with its endearing characters and simple text encourages little ones to think about how they treat other people, to use their hands positively and to realise that playing nicely leads to so much more fun!

Always be consistent when working with manners. Respect is a mutual thing so be sure you model and use manners yourself towards others (and your child) so your child can see the concept being used in action. Commit yourself to have a manner-filled home and it will happen. Your child's teachers, others around him/her, and even future employers will be so glad that you hung in there. And you know what? Your child will be happy too because he/she will be able to navigate in a much more positive way and attitude on the journey of life.
Read on and have an awesome, awesome weekend....please!
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