Thursday, March 29, 2012

This book is a hit!

Mind your manners please should be on the lips of all parents as they raise their children. Here is another fabulous little book by Karen Katz that will help reinforce that concept. The book is entitled, "No Hitting!" It is a wonderful little book which repeated the phrase. "I'm mad!" This seems to be the very root of why children (and some adults) turn their anger into something physical that will hurt another person,animal or inanimate object that is in their pathway. The book deals with positive ways we can harness that anger and turn hitting into something that is acceptable by our society's standards. Again Katz features stickers at the back of the book and the illustrations bring the "no hitting" lessons to life. Other books in her series are: "Excuse Me" and "I Can Share". This series would be an ideal gift to give to a new mom or would be a valuable asset to your own collection of picture books.

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