Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A lost art....revive it in your family!

We all get so busy. We all have obligations/schedules/me time/t.v time/and multiple distractions that divide and separate members of our family. We need a wake up call to gather everyone together and spend quality time TOGETHER as a family. Whether it be around an evening meal, a board game, reading books together, any activity that cries out to be shared. When we watch t.v. together, or DVD's we are physically together but we are not mentally and spiritually together. There is no dialogue, no interacting....just staring at a screen...together in bodies....but not bound together in minds. It is important that you set aside family nights to do just engage in conversation, share ideas, dreams, opinions etc. together. When you do this you find out about each other, you share values and traditions in your family and you enjoy each other's company. Kids learn to respect adult ideas, (and vice versa), participate in family conversations and bonding takes place as a family unit. Once you start this tradition in your home keep it going. It will generate excitement and anticipation as family night is created in your home. Read on together.
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