Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let your child's mind travel.....everywhere!

The above statement is truth. We must give our children opportunity and space to imagine and dream. It is so important and what reality is made of. Our kids get so structured and boxed in that they have little time to free their minds to be creative. Let your children make choices,give your children a voice, give your children time for themselves -alone- with their toys and books. Thinking, processing and just "being" is a very constructive, productive and therapeutic exercise for the mind. Great artists, musicians, authors, educators and inventors were able to see beyond reality and come up with visions that eventually did become reality. Mind travel is not only important to kids but to adults too. What dreams are inside of you? What little seeds are planted there that you would love to birth and see mature? You are never too old to use your imagination. Allow your children to go beyond the page or the game or the toy. Be sure to encourage and inspire your children's ideas and input. Talk to them, believe in them, enjoy what they envision. Today you can dream on...your mind is a miraculous thing....use it!

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