Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Adult book review: "The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club"

I loved this book from the very beginning.  Coming from a small town myself I totally got the “small community mentality” and could identify with the quirky residents that lived there.  I wondered how Duncan Whitehead, a man, could have known with such accuracy, how women thought and acted...sweet to the face, backstabbing once the back was exposed!  And oh the gossip and getting into everyone’s business that went on.  He was spot on!  I found myself laugh right out loud as I followed the plot twists and turns, as well as the wonderful character development. 

It is a fun, entertaining and lighthearted read.  All the prime characters have a reason to have chosen to live in this upscale Savannah neighborhood of Gordonston.  Mystery, intrigue and even murder are all encapsulated in the story to make you want to read on to the very last page to see “who done it” and why.  

It was storytelling at its best and Duncan brilliantly left the best for last - the very last paragraph was when all your questions that were building up through the read was exposed.  I squealed, closed my jaw and said to myself, “I never would have guessed!”  This is the perfect reason why you should never ever read the last page of a book first.  I can’t wait until some film maker discovers this little gem and I can view it on the big screen.  

For your information:  February 22 is National Dog Walking Day and leading up to this special event , "The Gordonston Ladies Walking Club " ebook will be offered for $.99 promo from February 14-February 22.  Enjoy!  It is a great book!

Read on and read always.  

Book rating:  8  (Fantastic!)
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