Friday, February 15, 2013

talk to your kids.....

  Sometimes we never stop and just talk to our kids.  We use everything as a parent-directed, teaching moment and it is nice to relax,  grab a favourite drink, sit down and just talk to them.  Kids (no matter what their age) have problems and issues and sometimes just exchanging ideas on matters of the heart is  so wonderful.  Ask your child how school is going,  what favourite thing could you cook for them for dinner,  do they like the book that they are now reading, if they could go on a vacation where would it be?  etc.
  I think we miss many opportunities where we can just sit and enjoy each other's company.  Life presses in on us and them and we forget what and who are the most important things in our lives. Kids get stressed,  kids get confused,  kids want answers and they will find them.  It is nice to set up these little visits so you can exchange your "grown up" ideas with family values built into them before your child seeks answers outside of the family's safety and comfort.
  Plan to have some of these visits with your child this weekend.  Find a cozy spot to chat,  top it off with a nice drink to share together and start this new tradition in your family.  Not only will your child de-stress but you will find out what is ticking in that little brain of his/hers and vice versa.
  Take time to enjoy your child's ideas, child-like awe and wisdom.  Who knows?  You probably will learn something new too.  Have a great and happy weekend.

Read on and read always!  Have a good one.
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