Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adult book review: Ring Around the Rosy

Title: Ring Around the Rosy
Author: Jackie Fullerton

What could be more relaxing than a getaway trip to Florida to spend with your future in-laws?  Anne Marshall, a law student and wanna-be detective joined with her fiancĂ©, Jason Perry, an attorney, to do just that!  Upon their arrival in the Garden State the whole scenario changes.  While Jason’s dad is out walking the dog, he discovers the murdered body of his wife’s best friend, Maude, and the plot takes off.

The novel is a beautiful blend of suspense, the supernatural, romance and murder. 

Anne gets involved to help solve this horrific crime.  She is incapable of holding herself back as she tries to tie the pieces of the murder puzzle together.  She also has trouble holding herself back from the homicide detective, Don Reynolds, who she finds very attractive, and the feeling is mutual between them.

On Maude’s body is pinned a note.  Written on it is the second line of the nursery rhyme, “Ring Around the Rosy”. Upon further investigation Anne finds out that the previous summer, Maude’s brother was struck and killed by a hit and run driver.  She then finds out that he too had a note pinned to him, interestingly enough, it was the first line of the very same poem. Coincidence? I think not, and neither does she.  As Anne gets closer to the truth she finds herself face to face with the murderer.  

The always ticking clock, the unveiling of a multiple of clues and the supernatural connection to the investigation makes this novel gripping.  

The characters in this story are well-developed and very likable.  The plot is staged to draw you into the action and keep you journeying with the storyline until the very end of the book. I enjoyed the novel and felt it was well-written indeed.

Enjoy this book.  

Read on and read always.

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