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The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club book review (re-post)

Today I am going to re-post one of my favourite book reviews for adults.  I will add an interview I had with the author which was fun to put together and I know you'll appreciate the book even more once you read more about him.  Enjoy!

I want to personally thank Duncan Whitehead for his time and talent and giving me access this interview.

Title:  The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club

I loved this book from the very beginning.  Coming from a small town myself I totally got the “small community mentality” and could identify with the quirky residents that lived there.  I wondered how Duncan Whitehead, a man, could have known with such accuracy, how women thought and acted...sweet to the face, backstabbing once the back was exposed!  And oh the gossip and getting into everyone’s business that went on.  He was spot on!  I found myself laugh right out loud as I followed the plot twists and turns, as well as the wonderful character development. 

It is a fun, entertaining and lighthearted read.  All the prime characters have a reason to have chosen to live in this upscale Savannah neighborhood of Gordonston.  Mystery, intrigue and even murder are all encapsulated in the story to make you want to read on to the very last page to see “who done it” and why.  

It was storytelling at its best and Duncan brilliantly left the best for last - the very last paragraph was when all your questions that were building up through the read was exposed.  I squealed, closed my jaw and said to myself, “I never would have guessed!”  This is the perfect reason why you should never ever read the last page of a book first.  I can’t wait until some film maker discovers this little gem and I can view it on the big screen.  

Here is my first ever author interview!!!  It will be the first of many to come.

From Duncan Whitehead:

Hi Marilyn,

Rapid fire questions:

1.  What is your dream car? An Audi A7 or......... Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! 

2.  Do you prefer a sit down meal or a picnic? I think a picnic, on a pleasant sunny day, with my daughter.

3.  Do you like to give a gift or receive one? Give! I much prefer giving than receiving these days. 

4.  Are you left-handed or right-handed?  (sorry I was a teacher and like that question) I am right handed. 

5.  What is your favourite drink? Soft drink....sweet tea... alcoholic...gin and tonic, but I am English, so......a lovely cup of hot tea! 

Serious Stuff:

1.  What was  your favourite book to read as a child?  I LOVED mysteries, at a young age I discovered Agatha Christie and I also loved Enid Blyton's  Famous Five books.  I would say Enid Blyton's "Faraway Tree" was my favorite book though. 

2.  Were  you a "budding novelist" in primary school  or discovered this talent later on in life? I used to love writing stories at school, but never thought of writing novels until I was in my late thirties. 

3.  How did you choose the title of the book?  The title of the book was easy for me to think of.  I often saw people walking their dogs and I thought the title was catchy and gave a certain amount of "normality" almost a pleasant kind of feel...but the truth is the  "club" are not pleasant! I wanted to give the impression of normal.......with a twist...and I think the title does that. 

4.  Did you write yourself into any of the characters?  Which one could you identify with most?  I guess Doug has a similar lifestyle to what I once had. I was a stay at home dad, I am English and was living in Savannah.  Elliott, who visits Buenos Airiesand meets Kurtze is somewhat based on an experience I myself had in Argentina.

5.  What other authors do you like to read? Bruce Cameron (A Dog's Purpose), John Kennedy Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces), anything by Agatha Christie, Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club) and James Herbert, the British horror writer. 

Have an awesome day everyone.   

Read on and read always!  

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