Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shoes for Me! - Book review

  Ask any girl and they will agree with that!

First of all let me say that all of the books that Sue Fliess has authored have been excellent!  I particularly like the main character in this book because so many girls are struggling with body image and the little hippo is carefree and enjoys being in her own skin.  

Hippo is growing up and now she can go and choose her next pair of shoes. What girl is not enamoured by a shoe shopping spree?  With fun rhyme married with outstanding illustrations this book is a true winner.  Sorting through the shoe-options is not only educational but loads of fun.  The spirit of the book is uplifting and the tempo is fast moving.  Hippo and her mom have high (heels) and low (sneaker) moments when choosing the perfect pair but Hippo finds that if the shoe fits (and she likes it) wear it.  

This will be a great book for girls of any age and a perfect read-aloud for the kids.

Check Sue out at:  www.suefliess.com 

Read on and read always!

Book Review rating:  9  (Close to perfection!)
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