Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We have the whole world in our hands...

We are so blessed to be able to buy and read books that literally come from every corner of the world.  We have access to the internet which gives us a window into authors, illustrators, stories, tips, methods, and book knowledge right at the end of our fingertips.

Now we can use YouTube, ebooks, iPads and even our phones to explore the wonderful world of storytelling.  People  everywhere are so creative.  Ideas are so powerful and inspiring.  Take your child on a journey around the world by having them pick up books about places, people and events.  The planet is shrinking because we can use Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to become savvy with what is going on.  Prominent "book" initiators have excellent web-sites and are reaching out to invite your kids into their world of creativity.  Find some of these sites and get your kids involved in the reading and writing process. With specific programmes your kids can even design and make their own books that look very professional indeed.

Teach your children to use this type of media safely and with purpose.  Logging long, senseless hours on the web is counterproductive and energy-sucking.  Mentor your children to be good stewards of their time and  especially what they are putting into their brains.

The world of books is out there begging to be discovered.  Your child is here with an open mind and heart to receive that wisdom.  Turn them on to not only the skill of reading books but the love and awe of them.  Have a great day and search out those sites for your kids pronto.

Read on and read always!
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