Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boxed in......

3-D Geometry Geek
Heidi Bee Roemer

Big boxes! Small boxes!
Sturdy and tough.
I love you space figures,
I can’t have enough.
Your bases and faces
I truly adore.
Big boxes! Small boxes!
May I have one more?

Big boxes! Small boxes!
Piled high in my room.
You wobble, you bobble.
You topple down— Boom!
Your bases are strong.
Space figures, you’re great!
Big boxes! Small boxes!
You’re cool! But, wait.

Pyramidsprisms, and cones,
how you rock!
Your faces and bases
I like quite a lot!
When I look at you
I see 3D perfection.
I want more figures—
bigger collection!

What is a Space Figure?

An object like a tissue box is 3-Dimensional. It may also be called a space figure. The sides and the top of the box are sides, or faces. The edge is where the base and face connect. A tissue box has six faces and twelve edges. Try counting them for yourself!

©Heidi Bee Roemer. All rights reserved. 

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