Thursday, May 23, 2013

Night Watch- Book Review

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Title:  Night Watch
Author:  Phil Cummings
Illustrations:  Janine Dawson

A group of Savannah, African animals all co-exist by a lake.  They are not really good friends, but acquaintances really, and they live in harmony there.  One fateful day, giraffe spots a menacing shadow of a lion skulking around.  Soon the rest of the African wildlife is informed of the pending danger and they decide to join forces and wits to combat that lurking enemy once and for all. The nervous animals rally around and form a plan to participate in a night watch vigil.  The lion is outwitted and actually frightened out of his wits by their deviousness.  When their problem is resolved, it is back to life as usual, but the difference is...they no longer have to fear the night.  This is story of teamwork and a group working together, being brave and overcoming and eliminating their fears.  There is plenty of rhyming, alliteration, general evocative language and yes, comic relief to go around.  The illustrations are beautiful watercolors and add so much to the text and enjoyment of the book.  This rhythmically, raucous, read-aloud story is sure to be a hit with kids ages 3-6.

About the Author:

Phil Cummings
Phil Cummings is a South Australian children's fiction author. Born in Port Broughton, his first book, "Goodness Gracious", was published in 1989. Since then he has published over 40 children's novels.Wikipedia

Book Review Rating:   8  (Fantastic!)
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