Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nugget & Fang - Friends Forever-or Snack Time?

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                       "There is no friend as loyal as a book."

Title:  Nugget & Fang    Friends Forever - or Snack Time?
Author:  Tammi Sauer
Illustrator;  Michael Slack

This book is a winner in every sense of the word.  The message of true friendship, peer pressure and being non-judgmental is a very timely one.  The illustrations are big, bold, detailed, expressive and cartoonish, capturing the imagination of anyone reading the book.  They flow perfectly with the text inviting you visually into the well told tale.

Fang is a gigantic, toothy shark whose best friend is a teeny, tiny minnow named Nugget.  They adore each other and spend quality time hanging out and swimming happily in the deep, inseparable playmates indeed.  Life together is a splendid affair until the day that Nugget swims off to attend school.

He is shocked to learn that sharks should not be your friend, but are to be feared and avoided at all costs - the cost being....maybe even your life.  He finds this unbelievable but internalizes this knowledge and acts upon it.  He confronts his now ex-friend Fang and terminates their friendship.  Poor dejected Fang cannot fathom that he has lost his best friend.  He tries many different ways to regain and restore this damaged relationship but to no avail.  He finally swims away and upgrades his downheartedness to broken-heartedness!

He finds a solitary place to grieve over his loss and then he hears desperate pleas for help from his little friend Nugget and his school mates.  Fang recognizes their plight and swashbuckling with his sharp teeth tears off to the rescue.  He chomps and slices the little group to safety and becomes their hero.  After the valiant rescue Fang is ecstatic because now he not only has regained Nugget as his friend but nine other hero-worshipers as well!  This book will have your pearly-whites flashing and your heart smiling too after you read to the very last page and acknowledge you have just read a very, very good book.

About the Author:  

Tammi Sauer was a teacher and library media specialist before she sank her teeth into writing. Among her picture books is Princess in Training, illustrated by Joe Berger.  Tammi and her family get along swimmingly in Oklahoma.  Just ask Bob, their betta fish.

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Book Review Rating:    9    (close to perfection)

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Review copy courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt with thanks. 
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