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Moustache Up! - Book Review


Quote of the Day!

"My facial hair is imperative
I put the must in 
                            ~Jarod Kintz

Title:  Moustache Up!
Author:  Kimberley Ainsworth
Illustrator:  Daniel Roode

Know anyone sporting a moustache?  Even like the look of one?  Men have worn them throughout the ages and at different times they were used as a disguise, to deface someone's picture , or as a final touch to a  cowboy's or pirate's costume. If you want to have a real blast just google: "best moustaches's ever" and see what pops up for your entertainment.  Well, plenty of people around you like the look, and proudly wear that hairy lip to define who they are.  This book will get you laughing as you play around with different textures, styles and colours of ....the incredible, admirable moustache.  Have fun.  This would be a perfect gift to give to someone who is not afraid to slap on a fake (or be challenged to grow their own) and bravely conquer his/her world.

This fun, interactive book will have your kids mixing and matching press-out, cardboard moustaches onto icon faces all the while learning "opposite" words.  "Moustache UP and moustache DOWN/Which 'stache covers up a frown?"  The wonderful, vintage colour pallet  and retro cartoon images of different types of men wearing a moustache is awesome.  The rhyming words united with the pictures give direction to the reader so they will know where to correctly place the 'staches.  You don't have to follow the book rules can go totally crazy and creative and design your own guy, which is cool.  On some of the moustache's backs are printed opposite words like: straight, curly, smooth, rough etc.  Vocabulary building is always welcome to your child's reading experiences.  When the match game is complete you can collect all your little styled hairy caterpillars and place them in a reusable envelope that is found inside the front cover of the book.  (Brilliant idea)  Both you and your child will love this playful book and it will give you lots of inspiration as to how you too can create the moustache of your dreams and then go forth and conquer your world.   Hail to the moustache!

About the author:

Kimberly Ainsworth is a children’s book author and editor. She lives with her husband Sam in Nashville, Tennessee.
About the Illustrator:

Daniel Roode is an artist and book designer and the creator of the Little Bea books, Little Bea and Little Bea and the Snowy Day and Moustache Up!. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Book Review Rating:    8  (Fantastic!)

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Just for fun......

Exiting with a poem for you....

                  A poem about a moustache...Charlie McDonnell

How I wish I could grow a moustache, so that people could see me as cool.
With a fashionable style, a furry smile, the ladies would drown in their drool.
Oh I wish I could grow a moustache, so that people could think me a man.
I would work on a farm, have a rugged charm, and probably drive a white van.
I wish I could form a moustache, maybe people would think I was snappy.
I would keep it in trim, I would go to the gym, with some hair on my lip, I'd be happy.
How I long, and long, for a moustache, so people could think I was smart.
I would hypothesize, that a moustache is wise, and then show my results, in a chart.
I wish I could own a moustache, so that people could think me their friend.
With a jolly old tash, I would sure be a smash, and a man on which you could depend.
But alas, I cannot grow a moustache, my face is unfavourably bare.
And now I disclosed, that my lip is exposed, 'til I can, a fake moustache, I wear.

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