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Nighttime Ninja - book review

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Title:  Nighttime Ninja
Author: Barbara Da Costa
Illustrator:  Ed Young
Ages:  K-Gr. 2

What is a ninja anyway?  The dictionary states:  (Japanese) a member of the ninja who were trained in martial arts and hired for espionage, sabotage or assassinations; a person skilled in Ninjutsu. (They sound scary to me.  Don't mess with them.)

This book is a children's adventure/thriller with a great surprise ending!  A ninja goes on a very suspenseful mission...lights out...no one awake....all quiet...into his kitchen!

The book is full of wonderful verbs and gentle, quiet action words that perfectly describe the stealth, agility and intrigue that covers this mission (not an impossible mission, but one that is totally doable).  The fabulous textured pictures were created from cut paper, cloth, string and coloured pencil.  Words like ,"clambering, climbing, balancing and leaping," lead the little ninja to his intended destination.  He deftly prepares to complete his task when, "Suddenly the lights flash on."  Oh, oh danger!  A large, imposing, looming silhouette has materialized, hand-on-hip, (toes probably tapping) and low and behold there is his mother watching and catching him in this willful act of  night - sneaking.   With his spoon in hand he was just ready to delve into his favourite treat when his mission was suddenly aborted and compromised.  Sensei Mom immediately takes charge and orders him back to bed, pronto.

This book is entertaining, funny and sparks the imagination.  It is a perfect choice for a bedtime story giving your little one the possibility of adventurous dreams upon its completion.

About the author:

Barbara DaCosta delights in finding the quirky things in life to write about.  She grew up in a house filled with books and ideas and music.  Some of her most favourite books are:  The Oz books, Wrinkle in Time,  Pogo, and Alice in Wonderland.  She loves to come up with ideas!  She likes nature, art, reading, education, how things work, languages and music from around the world.  Her debut children's book is Nighttime Ninja.  She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

About the illustrator:

  • Ed Young
  • Ed Young, né Ed Young, is a Chinese-born American illustrator and writer of children's picture books. Wikipedia
    BornNovember 28, 1931 (age 81), Tianjin, China
    AwardsCaldecott Medal

    Awards and recognitions:

    Children's Choice Award K-2, Publishers Weekly's, "Best Illustrated Books 2012", starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and  Booklist,  Junior Library Guild Selection Fall 2012, Horn Book "Book of the Week", finalist for James Patterson's "Read Kiddo Read."

  •                                                     Book Review Rating:    8  (Fantastic!)

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