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Cheery: The true adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard Frog - a book review

Quote of the day:   "Books are lighthouses erected in the great sea of time."   
~E. P. Whipple

Oh my gosh, I have a serious problem here guys.... I could be wiped out .... obliterated....gone forever.  Did you know that 40 percent of frogs and salamanders have disappeared worldwide already?  Hello...are you listening to me?  This is my life here we're talking about.  Better get  this book about my cousin Cheery and get smart about this.  Time is running out...hey MY time is running out....get moving....I'm waiting......

Title:  Cheery:   The true adventures of a Chiricahua Leopard Frog
Author:  Dr. Elizabeth W. Davidson
Illustrator:  Michael Hagelberg
Ages:  6+

Cheery is a frog.  He's a Chiricahua Leopard Frog, to be more precise.  Okay, he's not a frog yet.  At the beginning of the story, he's still a tadpole.  Young readers will learn how a tadpole turns into an adult frog and why some frogs - like Cheery - are dramatically declining in numbers around the world.  Author Dr. Elizabeth W. Davidson is a research scientist at Arizona State University where she is working to save these amazing amphibians.  This book puts the problem in terms that young readers can grasp. The book contains valuable lesson guides for parents and teachers. The illustrations are beautiful and enhance the text greatly.

Check out for more info on the book and its mission to our world. Cheery, which was funded in part by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, was the first-place winner in the Children's Literature category of the 2012 Arizona Authors Association's Literary Contest, a "Top Pick" in the 2011 Southwest Books of the Year competition and an official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project.

About the author:

Dr. Elizabeth W. Davidson received her doctorate in entomology from Ohio State University where she studied the interactions between insects and bacteria.  Her research in this field is now being used worldwide to help control mosquitoes and black flies.  In recent years she has focused her research on the diseases of amphibians and has worked in collaboration with scientists from around the globe.

Dr. Davidson and her husband, Dr. Joseph Davidson,  have been at Arizona State University since 1973.  Their son, Scott, is a middle school science teacher.  The Davidsons enjoy international travel and outdoor adventures.  In her spare time, Dr. Davidson has tutored second and third grade students in reading through the All-Star Kids Tutoring program, an experience which led to the writing of this book.

About the illustrator:

Michael Hagelberg couldn't make up his mind what to be when he grew up.  He had a strong affinity for science and natural history, but art was also tempting.  He eventually gave in to art.

He began his career as a designer with agency and freelance work after graduating from Northern Arizona University, but the desire to combine science and art soon took him into educational publication.  He became creative director, designer and illustrator of Arizona State University's award winning Research magazine.  His graphic design and illustration has been recognized by awards from the University and College Designers Association, International Association of Business Communicators and Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

Today he illustrates for magazines and book publishers, as well as developing fine art and various styles of bicycling.

Book Review Rating:    8  (Fantastic!)

It is great to weave non-fiction into your child's reading habits.  A nice balance of both fiction and non-fiction is highly recommended.  Read on and read always.  Have an awesome day and talk to me.

    (I want to thank Five Star Publications Inc. for this review copy for me to highlight on my blog.)

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