Saturday, July 19, 2014

"App"arently "Apps" are "app"ropriate

Please "App"ly.....

At the App Store
Shopping's fun,
You can access 
On the run.

Games and books
And thousands more,
All are offered 
At the Store.

Some cost little
Some are free,
Some are tailor-made 
For me.

Some Apps teach
Some you play,
Some just are.....
They make your day!

Can't decide
Which App to choose?
Click your mouse
To read reviews.

Count their stars
Read their brain
If you like them
Don't refrain.

Apps are savvy
Apps are cool
Hey check out my
Learning tool.

Want to be the smartest ever?
Get an App...
Oh very clever...
I see the twinkle in your eye
You know exactly what to buy.

Don't get mad 
They're not a book,
But Apps are here
Go take a look!

      c. M.E. Panton (Storywraps)

I want to introduce you to a great website :

This site is a place for busy parents to discover the great educational apps for kids and to explore ways to engage with kids in the new game world.


All the apps suggested are for learning and growing and enriching your child's love of knowledge.  The information is thorough and engaging and you can sign up for newsletters, ask questions and read what others are thinking of this technology invasion that has invaded our children's learning experience.  I highly recommend it. 

 Let's face the truth, technology is here to stay. Our kids are excited about it so we must make a valiant effort and educate ourselves understand all the buzz and fervour.  Yes, I know Apps are not books but in this ever changing world:  read what you can, whenever you can from whatever you can. Whatever keeps kids interested and passionate about the printed word (no matter which form it in)  is the correct method to choose.  End of rant. :)

Read on and read always.  Have a great day and see you back here on Monday.

               Trying to make sense out of our technology-driven world today.  Yes we can!       

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