Friday, July 18, 2014

Run Alex Run -a book review

Today's featured book:

Title:  Run Alex Run
Author:  Natalie Finnigan
Illustrator:  Gina Rahman

Let's take a peek inside and see what we find:

My take on the book:

This happy little book is written in rhyme and is the third book in the Alex, Dragon and Spider series.   Alex, Dragon and Spider love to exercise and move but they discover each one has a talent to do that in a much different way than the other.  You see Alex loves to put on his running shoes and run like the wind.  Spider, although it is tedious to tie eight pair of shoes, finds he is much more skilled at climbing than running.  And last but certainly not least, Dragon weighs in with his talent of neither running or climbing....because he loves to fly.

They decide they would like to put their skills to a test but whatever can they do to satisfy each one's abilities and still have lots of fun?  They spot a steep hill and decide the perfect challenge is to see who can make it to the summit first by using their own special physical capabilities.  

But of course what should the winner get as a prize? Mmmmmmmm.....they puzzle and puzzle and finally come up with the perfect reward.  Who do you think will win?  What do you suppose that winner will get as a prize for beating out the others?  You have to get the book to find out the answer because I do not want to spoil all the fun and give it away.  

The wonderful illustrations are full of expression and certainly kid-friendly.   Natalie has added a fun activity page at the end of the book that will a-maze your child.  Who knows this book may inspire your little one to get his mojo on and discover his/her super power too while exploring in the great outdoors. 

About the author:

Natalie Finnigan was born in Suffolk, England, and re-discovered her love for writing rhymes after the birth of her son, Alex, in 2010. Having already published two short, rhyming picture books based on three characters (Alex, Dragon and Spider), Natalie is enjoying branching out into other picture books and is currently writing a pre-teen novel to be used as a teaching text for English as a Foreign Language.

Book Review Rating:  8 (Fantastic!)

Read on and read always.  Have a great day everyone.

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