Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Robots - come and play

Robot quotes to inspire you....

Fun Robot poems for you today...

My robot's misbehaving.
It won't do as I say.
It will not dust the furniture
or put my toys away.

My robot never helps me
with homework or my chores.
It doesn't do my laundry
and neglects to clean my floors.

It claims it can't cook dinner.
It never makes my bed.
No matter what I ask of it,
it simply shakes its head.

My robot must be broken.
I'll need to get another.
Until that day, I have to say,
I'm glad I have my mother.
--Kenn Nesbitt

My Robot

My robot must rate as my favorite toy,
A wonderful, whirring, mechanical joy.
My robot can talk, but he'd much rather sing,
Or go to the park and play on the swings!

My robot is silver and very astute.
For instance this week he was learning the flute.
My robot's adept at a number of tests,
Like doing my homework or folding my vests!

My robot tells jokes that will tickle your sides,
Or spin a good story and much more besides.
And with a small spanner I always keep handy,
I unbolt his head to store all my candy!
©2005 Gareth Lancaster

I built a robot rabbit, 
it’s made of my dad’s drill.
When I see it bouncing past me, 
it gives me such a thrill.

I built it on a weekend, 
my brother lent a hand.
It’s ears were two teaspoons, 
I think it looks quite grand.

For its tail we used a spring, 
its brain is an old clock.
Its great to hear it ticking, 
and nice to hear it tock.

The only problem with it, 
is what it likes to eat.
I am running out of batteries, 
and they’re its favourite treat! 
If you are a teacher or an interested parent who would like to take the theme of a Robot and develop it more with your children check out this great site which gives you creative ideas to inspire you to do just that.   Pie Corbett resource: robots

Tomorrow I feature a book about a little boy who built his own robot and their lovely, heartwarming relationship together.  Have an awesome day everyone and remember to read on and read always!   

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