Saturday, January 10, 2015

Launching something new on Storywraps......

"A bar is better than a newspaper for public discussion." —Jim Parker

Just going to update you on a new expansion taking place next month here on Storywraps.  It is my intention, once a month, to open "The Book Bar" on a Saturday night.

I will be tending bar (the bartender I will be) and you will discover it to be the perfect place to find new reads, relax and sip a bit, discuss books - both new and old, and especially meet up with friends, both old and new.

I want to create special events in the bar such as an open mic night, where authors can come and talk about their books and the backstories behind their writing by guests posts. I also intend to showcase great authors reading their work via YouTube, feature music and musicians that might be of interest to you and make it a landing place for adults with a heart for books to congregate and chill out while enjoying a nice glass of wine, a cider (or two) or a mainstream or craft beer.

I hope "The Book Bar" will appeal to loners (like me), reading nerds (like me) and creative thinkers (sometimes like me) who will be very happy to drop in, have a drink and think....books!!!

I have been talking to different people who are excited and ready to share what they have been reading and writing with everyone at Storywraps.  I want this to be an interactive bar where people feel free to give me suggestions as to what they would like to see here and have ownership in.  

The reviews and content you want to share with my readers should be submitted to me first at:

http:// www.  

If you have a book you would like to feature, one you've written yourself or you happened upon, please feel free to contact me and I certainly will consider you being a guest blogger here at "The Book Bar".

This will be exciting and fun.  Are you with me?  Let's make this taproom the best in the none! Let's tap into the best books out there and share their wealth!!!

Look at how brilliant this is!! Wish I had thought of is truly worthy of a mention!  Excellent certainly raises the bar for me.  Yes, the bar phrases will be flowing here.........

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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