Friday, January 9, 2015

Me Too! - a bookwrap

What is a best friend?


"Me Too !" authored by Annika Dunklee and illustrated by Lori Joy Smith.   Ages 3-7

Want a peek inside?  Let's unwrap further shall we?

Fun, expressive illustrations created in a soft, colour pallet with added word bubbles make this book a delight to read.

Annie has a best friend named Lillemor.  She and her best friend are inseparable and have so many things in common.  Why they can even speak another language.  Lillemor uses her native Swedish language while Annie makes up her own language, "Maka looka Oinky Boinky."  But hey that counts too doesn't it?  They hang out every day, enjoy each other's company immensely, and are extremely happy together.  Ahhhh life is good!

Then one day Annie arrives at school and Lillemor is not there to greet her with her usual hug.  Annie finds her friend jumping rope with a brand-new girl, Lilianne, and having a great old time ... without her!  Lilianne is from France. Poor Annie gets even more anxious and upset when she discovers all the things that Lillemor and the new girl have in common.  Could she be losing her best friend to a stranger?  Could she be left out in the cold and shunned by her very best friend in the whole world?  Does Lillemor like Lilianne the best? Even more than her? 

YOU, the reader, do not have to worry because the story does have a very happy ending.  You discover that the THREE new best friends bond together. The new legitimate French language adds spice and flavour into their relationships and makes the story more engaging and charming.  

This is the perfect book to teach your child that everyone has value and worth and it is a good thing to open up your mind and your heart to let new people into your life.  

The whimsical, playful illustrations add so much life and emotion to the text and are very kid-friendly.  This book can also be a catalyst to introduce new languages into your child's life and to have meaningful conversations about feelings and making new friends.  It can encourage your child to seek out the possibilities and benefits of befriending kids from other countries all around the world. In doing so they are able to enrich their own lives by learning about foreign cultures and lifestyles from kids their very own age.

I highly recommend this book.

Unwrapping the author.....

Annika Dunklee was born in Uppsala, Sweden, to a Scottish father and a Swedish mother. As such, she enjoyed the influences of Basil Fawlty and Pippi Longstocking, while eating haggis and pickled herring sandwiches.
Her debut book, My Name Is Elizabeth!, was originally a class assignment in Ted Staunton’s Writing for Children’s course, through George Brown College. 
She bases a lot of her stories on her own childhood memories. On the first day of school, every teacher would mispronounce Annika’s name as Ann-eeka, making her cringe inside and forever fret the first day of school. My Name Is Elizabeth! was inspired by anyone who dislikes having his or her name shortened, lengthened, mispronounced or mangled in some way.
Annika has retained certain characteristics since childhood, which include being an excruciatingly slow reader and having laughing hysterics in the most inappropriate situations. 
She currently resides in Toronto with her husband, two kids, a cat and a hamster.

Illustrator please....

Lori Joy Smith is an illustrator and fine artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries across Canada and the United States. Her illustrations have appeared on greeting cards and in Chirp, American Girl, Teen and Today’s Parent magazines, among other places. Lori enjoys knitting, drawing and sewing. She lives with her family in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

 Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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