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Mr. Postmouse's Rounds - a bookwrap

Glorious snail mail.  We all love to receive it.  We open up our mailbox with glee as we dip inside to see what letters, cards or small packages await us.  It's great fun to greet the mailman at the door and have a little chat as he personally hands over your mail.  This is a book you will love, I am sure of that...


Authored and illustrated by Marianne Dubuc

Ages 3-8

Unwrapping the illustrations... which are brilliant by the way

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."  

Thus is the life of Mr. Postman, who daily, faithfully fills his cart to the brim with all sorts of mail and delivers it to the village folk.   On his route he encounters bears, rabbits, a huge snake, birds, and many, many more creatures each in their unique homes waiting for his arrival.  

"Then it's time for lunch.  Mr. Postman stops at his friend Mr. Dragon's for some barbecue."

He is a dedicated mailman and he bravely climbs trees, delivers to creatures living underwater and even to scary critters who might pose a danger to him like Mr. Snake and Mr. Wolf.  He climbs mountains to reach the mountain goats at the summit and he even flies a plane to connect to Mr. Yeti who receives delicious tarts from his cousin Yolanda.  

It is all in a day's work for Mr. Postman and he takes his job very seriously indeed.  He saves the best delivery for last.  Who could the lucky recipient of that parcel be?  It is a happy, surprise delivery so I won't be telling you will have to discover that all on your own.

The illustrations are truly amazing.  Marianne has created each animal's habitat in such detail.  Using cross-section drawings, the reader is able to peek inside each home that Mr. Postman stops at.  Every abode is tailor-made just for that animal and has so much to explore and enjoy within.  Every page is a mini-mastepiece of nature and how animals live.  This book is pure imagination and joy.  Your child (and you) will come back again and again to soak in its richness.  Marianne has once again produced a winner.  Highly, highly recommended.

MarianneubMarianne Dubuc is a Canadian children’s book author and illustrator, who taps into her wonderful childhood memories for inspiration to create her literary treasures. Little did she know when she got the simple idea to put together two unlikely animal friends –  a lion and a bird  – her world would be turned upside down. The book, first published in French (Le lion et l’oiseau) , was published in 2014 in English (Enchanted Lion Books) receiving phenomenal praise by all who read it.  The Lion and the Bird bring forth every positive human emotion and remind us all what is most important in our lives –  true friendship, compassion and love. What’s most remarkable about this perfect picture book is that for Marianne, the entire process of writing and illustrating it came to her completely naturally. She makes it all seem so gloriously effortless. All her work is of the highest quality.

Read on and read always!

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