Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fabulous CD today. "Home" - a musicwrap

When you are a small child your whole world revolves around your family, friends and your home.  I am highlighting today a very special CD composed for kids.  The music and lyrics will touch their heartstrings and involve them in songs about adventures they may encounter in and around their very own home. Let me introduce you to... "HOME."

By Tim Kubart
Cover art by Julia Pott

Guests include:  

 * Laurie Berkner
 * Drue Davie
* Carly Ciarrochi                                      

This compilation of songs will bring back or create childhood memories through catchy pop tunes that all ages will greatly appreciate.  It is due for release on September 25th.

This second family album features top 40 hooks and jubilant lyrics that will have everyone singing and clapping along. 

"The artist’s friendly and youthful voice and the striking pop arrangements draw listeners in from first track, “Last Turn Home.”  “We aim to meet kids where they are right now, both thematically and sonically,” notes Kubart. “The lyrics really reflect what I’ve learned performing live with thousands of children, and with my work on Sprout.”
Home reflects Kubart’s uncanny ability to climb inside a child’s mind. "  

What is Kubart's affiliation with Sprout you may wonder?  

An affable host on the daily Sprout Channel “Sunny Side Up Show”(NBCUniversal), the only national live preschool show, Tim Kubart is also an acclaimed independent family music artist. His first album Anthems for Adventure drew critical acclaim from the New York Times, Time Out New York and national press, with the song “Superhero” becoming a YouTube and national radio hit. Kubart also attracted hundreds of thousands of fans as a tambourine-shaking, dancing addition to the inventive covers band Postmodern Jukebox.
Kubart will celebrate the release of Home with full band performances at the Old Town School of Folk Music on September 19th, Austin City Limits and the Domain in Austin, TX, and New York shows planned for fall. Watch Tim live most weekdays on the Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout Channel, and visit for the latest news about Tim's music and shows.

Playlist includes...





The dance-pop “Breakfast Club” is the perfect wake-up song, and it features Sprout colleague and friend Carly Ciarrocchi. For “Sunday Crafternoon,” Drue Davis (Postmodern Jukebox) joins Tim for a soaring and inspiring song celebrating DIY creativity. Indie family artist Laurie Berkner guest stars on the ballad about togetherness: “Better.” Growing families will relate to the themes of “Biggest Brother,” “Dancing in the Kitchen,” and “Backyard Swinging.” A rare quiet moment in the album comes with a musical arrangement of A.A. Milne’s pensive “Halfway Down."
Tim and his band will perform songs from "Home" on SiriusXM Satellite Radio's "Rumpus Room" four times over the weekend on of September 25 to 27, and Spare the Rock Radio  on KUTx Austin will debut a song on September 5th.

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