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Steven The Upset Stomach - a bookwrap

Good day everyone.  Oh we are all guilty of overindulging in tasty, tempting junk food aren't we?  Why does it taste so yummy anyway?  If it tasted terrible then nobody would want to eat it right?  The book today explains to kids why our body is not happy with a steady diet of calorie-blasted, non-nutritional junk food and what we can do to change our eating habits thus making us much more healthy and happy.

"We have these weapons of mass destruction on every street corner, and they're called donuts, cheeseburgers, French fries, potato chips...junk food.  Our kids are living on a fast food diet."
             - Joel Fuhrman

Here is a fun poem by Kenn Nesbitt I think you will enjoy...

Burgers, pizzas, chicken wings.
Tacos, French fries, onion rings.
Ice cream, donuts, cookies, cakes.
Soda, chips, and chocolate shakes.
These are things I like to munch,
breakfast, dinner, snack and lunch.

Every meal I eat includes

more, and more, and more fast foods.

Yet with every meal I eat

I grow slower on my feet.

This is why I want to know

why does fast food make me slow?

--Kenn Nesbitt

Unwrapping today's book...

Authored by Justin Noble and Illustrated by Ann Bonin

My Body Village series created by Justin & Le-Anne Noble

Want to take a peek inside with me? 


About the book...

Meet Raymond, he's the brain and commander of BodyVillage so he is in charge of control centre there.  

"He performs many tasks that are very important in making sure the Village functions properly. One of his jobs is to locate and bring in food to provide energy for all of Body's residents."

Raymond scouts out the foods and one day... well let's just say... he got a little over exhuberant.  He adores junk food and in his enthusiasm he brought in tons of sweets such as candy, jellybeans, chocolate bars and sweet tarts. Ohhhhh my.... salt was next and he imported corn chips, cheese sauce dip and potato chips dipped in ranch sauce.  Greedy for more he allowed cakes , colas and ice cream in causing the taste buds to vibrate with excitement and want even more tout de suite.  

It is Steven Stomach's job to break down all the food sent his way and immediately he knew something was amiss.  Poor Steven, he tries to break up the junk food but it is such hard work and makes him sweat and feel like throwing it all up.  On Lyle Liver's advice he confronts Raymond and tells him his dilemma.  Will Raymond be so caught up in his junk food frenzy that he won't take pity and stop the avalanche of poison he's injecting into the Body Village?  Will he come to the aid of Steven Stomach and help flush out that toxic waste before Steven upchucks?  Is an apology necessary and a recalibration of the the food rules?  

This great book will teach your child the importance of putting good food into your body.  It will point out to them how your digestive system works and the names of important organs that help get that job done.  The illustrations are colourful, expressive and vital to the storyline.  It takes a village to raise a healthy child.

About the author...



Justin Noble is a certified nutrition coach, children's book author, and long time lover of children's stories. Raised in the Texas Hill Country, Justin relocated to New York City, where he conceived the idea for My Body Village. One summer day, he walked into the vitamin section of his local pharmacy and was struck with an idea. If you replace the second "i" in vitamin with the letter "e," you get "vita-men." He thought to himself, "What if vitamins were put to life?" With that inspiration, he came up with the idea for a children's book where these Vita-Men could interact with human organ characters to teach children how their bodies work. From that, the concept for My Body Village was born. That Fall he wrote the first book in the series, Artie's Party: Featuring the Vita-Men!.

About My Body Village
My Body Village is a children's book series with a focus on health and wellness. Created by husband and wife team Justin and Le-Anne Noble, the series was developed from books originally conceived by Justin Noble. The mission of the My Body Village series is to introduce young children and parents of all ages to the exciting world inside their bodies, in order to instill habits that will last a lifetime. This new series, for preschool ages and up, tackles health and wellness by personifying the body's internal organs into relatable characters.

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