Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Open Mic Wednesday - Your welcome

Unwrapping my morning...

I'm late getting this up this morning because I had to make a visit to the local hospital for laser surgery on my left eye.  It was a very positive experience and over skillfully, quickly and painlessly (three very good things when it comes to surgery don't you agree?)

I love my ophthalmologist.  She is so organized and brilliant and funny and bouncy and cute..... so any visit with her is a fun time.  She had her patients all sitting down lined up against a wall and she went one by one and put drops into their eyes like a mama bird feeding worms to her babies.  She also checked our identification bracelets which was of great importance because I did not want Jane Doe's eye surgery who is sitting next to me, but my own ... exclusive only to me.

Post drops...

* couldn't wear eye make-up
* left pupil enlarged and extra moist
*big nose protruding
*looked like an alien
*yep, that's me alright

I waited about 30 minutes and then was called in.  She had asked us while she "dropped" which eye we were getting done today, which I thought was strange because if she didn't know which eye she was to work on that could be a very bad thing. Didn't she know?  Didn't she write it down on our charts?  What if we forgot and gave her the wrong eye?  She did confirm that we had given her the correct answer which appeased me some. So she did know after all and was not trying to trick us.  After all it was 7:00 in the morning and no one had had their coffee yet. 

When it was my turn to go with her inside the surgery room I asked her why she posed that question to everyone seated outside.  She said it was protocol and a way of getting the go-ahead and nod from her patients for her to proceed.  Now the fun really began. She put more drops into my eyes...can't have enough of those I figured.  I sat in a chair across from her and was told to rest my forehead and chin on a machine with lights hanging all over it.  

She put a funny little device in my eye to hold the eyelids open and before she began the delicate procedure I desperately wanted to I asked her:  did she get a good night's sleep?  did she eat a hearty breakfast? did she need to use the bathroom?  I really didn't ask her  any of those questions out loud but they certainly crossed my mind.   I obediently remained silent and trusted in her to do a terrific job.

She instructed me to look at the end of a little tube with a red light on it with my right eye, while she happily zapped away at the left one.  In about three minutes I was entirely done.  I told her no wonder she liked this part of her job, it was like she was playing a video game inside my head, pointing that machine and vaporizing that old secondary cataract.  Zap!  Pow!  Zing! Hurray!!

It was a wonderful experience and a chance to connect with my favourite doctor. I had an added bonus too because I live in Canada!  Everything from start to finish was absolutely.... FREE!   I am blessed.  Thank you my amazing doctor...  can't wait until my right eye visit........

Leaving you with a kid's poem from reading about laser surgery.... yes there actually is a poem about it!

Laser Eye Surgery

Being so blind
I misread the sign
When I went to get laser eye surgery
I hoped that it might
Restore my sight
But the result was quite on the contrary
Much to my surprise
They put lasers in my eyes
And now people run at the sight of me.

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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