Thursday, November 5, 2015

Open the Doors to You - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes for you...

Unwrapping today's book...

Title:  Open the Doors to You

Authored by Casey Rislov

Illustrated by Allie Strom

My review...

This is the author's third children's book.  This picture book is all about love and how to identify acts of love in the world.  It is written to encourage kids not to be afraid but to go ahead, open up the doors before them, walk through them, and try new things.  

Throughout their lives kids will come face to face with many doors that will either block them, if left unopened,  or allow them to pass through thus becoming more knowledgable, creative and free.  Should they be fearful and leave them closed or should they boldly swing them  wide open and go where they have never gone before?  Kids are encouraged by the message to go ahead, be brave,  open those doors up and see what possibilities and exciting adventures lay ahead.  

"Open the Doors to You is an unique and comforting book that will take readers through many metaphorical doors to explore all the different aspects that make up each of our lives: family, neighbourhood, charity, friendship, education, creativity, sports, and nature."

The book highlights many life lessons and lends itself to both parental read-aloud and pursuit by picture book readers who already have some basic reading skills.  By exposing and engaging in their world kids wrap their minds and hearts around brand new positive and exciting experiences.  An excerpt from the book reads:

"So if you ever find yourself stuck and upside down, ask: 
What  am I going to do?  Is there something else to learn?  Can a friend show me something new?  Which door is the one I haven't visited in awhile?"

By being exposed to a variety of new experiences children gain a deeper understanding of others and themselves.  Child development studies show that sensory experiences shape how a child's brain develops and grows. Children who are exposed to a variety of new experiences have increased confidence, feelings of security, and learn how to deal better with challenges later on in life.

Casey received the 2015 Silver Medal in the Living Now Book Awards for, "Open the Doors." 

About the author...

Casey Rislov holds a master's degree in elementary education and is endorsed in early childhood and special needs. She taught for many years at a local developmental preschool and currently stays home with her two young children. Casey's first book, Time Together, Time Well Spent! (November 2011), allowed her to share her love of reading and teaching with many local students. And she is excited to now share a tender side of herself through her new book, Love is Forever. 

Casey lives with her family in Wyoming, where she enjoys spending time in the mountains, downhill skiing, boating, and water skiing- and reading and writing, of course!

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